about me

I am a wife to my career military husband, a mom to four children ages 24,22,20and 19.Yes, you can do the math and realize that was 4 children in less than 5 years! It was a sleepless decade!

During that time, we moved from the South Pacific, Europe and all over the United States, but have happlily settled here in Virginia where my husband retired from the military and joined the civilian work force in defense contracting. We have sons in and out of college, and a daughter entering college next fall. It was during 2008 that I made the decision to stop teaching pre school, and work from home building my jewelry business.

Just 4 months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer and herein lies the purpose that started this blog. I have friends and family around the globe, and just could not keep up with the e-mails and phone calls regarding my treatments, complications, surgeries, etc. A blog seemed the easiest way to relay newest information to others with the touch of a finger.

"Koryn's Story" has become a chronicle of my journey, yes, but also a means of expressing the emotion and frustration, joys and heartaches, educational information and also our family news and photos.  I encourage you to share this site with the women in your life and with anyone who needs hope. Despite the struggles that cancer brings, there is always HOPE. 2008, 2 months before I was diagnosed with breast cancer
My husband and I enjoy travel, walking, kayaking, eating and spending time with friends! I spend my days filling business orders and in my spare time I enjoy photography and writing (I am currently working on a parenting book).