This video is of our daughter who is a vocal student in the center of the performing arts for our county and who will be entering college in 2011. She also sings pop and traditional music in addition to classical. Enjoy!

This video is one I made of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer that I did with my family and friends in May, 2010, one year after completing chemo therapy. My son, husband and I walked as well as my son's long time girlfriend, who walked alone in my honor the year before and who inspired our participation, plus the friend I met during chemo therapy. Together we raised over $7,500 for the cause, which provides services to women in need of diagnostics and treatment in our local area here in D.C.  I thank all of you here who supported the effort as well! God Bless you!

This video is my 2nd oldest son who is a UVA student and sings with a group at school which is a Christian acapella group. He makes me so proud!

This is my youngest son's first concert as a college student performing 'percussion' beat-boxing for the song Industry with Madison Project at James Madison University. He is on the far left. Enjoy!

This video is our oldest son performing with his acapella group Exit 245 at James Madison University in 2008. He has since graduated. Many other performances of Exit 245 can be found at You Tube.