medical photos

This is not a bad Botox job! This is something strange brought on after my immune and allergy system was assaulted on chemotherapy! These swelling episodes occured about eight times over the course of 4 months in 2010, 8 months after finishing chemo! I tried not to leave the house during the 5-8 hours it took for the swelling to go away. It never hurt, but it was embarassing!
Sometimes the upper lip

Sometimes the lower lip

MRSA infection 10/2009
That same arm, 2 years later, 2011

Abdominal mole found to be "Atypical" upon biopsy May 2011. This mole grew back and will be surgically biopsied again Oct. 2011
2 weeks post op - final pathology "Melanoma In Situ" 11-04-11

1 week post-op 10-25-11