Sunday, February 20, 2011

A little music to soothe the soul

This week was a whirlwind of sorts. I took Kelli to her School Of Music audition at James Madison University last weekend.  The link which says CLICK HERE below shows 7 pieces from her solo concert performed this weekend. A show that brought down the (full) house! We are so very proud of her and hope you'll take some time to enjoy listening to what we are privileged to hear every day. This house will be so quiet in a few months when she leaves for college. She will be attending JMU and hopefully their music program as well. We should be finding out that part here in a couple of weeks. All of the videos from this concert are at You Tube click here to find them:  CLICK HERE
I continue with the pain medication and am thankful for your continued prayer as I have continued pain in the right rib cage area but am into the 3rd week and a double dose now so will wait and see if any difference is found. God Bless!


  1. What a beautiful daughter you have, and talented. I love that song. I'm still so grateful for your older blogs, which continue to help me. I was reading about how your lower back hurt (so has mine) and that it was because the bone marrow was trying to rebuild. I had no idea. My doctor never said a word about that. And you talk often about the neverending fatigue you felt. I guess unless you've been a chemo patient, you can't understand or relate. I understand now. There have been days that every little thing was a monumental effort -- you know, like brushing your teeth. I've got four more to go. I'll be so glad when I'm where you are now. -Megan-

  2. Koryn - I left this comment on Feb. 12, during your whirlwind trip to JMU with your daughter. >>I am going through a very similar situation dealing with and trying to determine the cause of inexplicable pain. I have consulted with GI specialists, pain specialists, my oncologists, my gyn, etc. No answers, only more questions. Please keep me posted if you have any progress. I woudld be very interested in discussing specific symptoms and approaches - if you are interested. Maybe we can pinpoint something the med-pros can't.<<

    I am very interested in comparing some notes, if you are willing. Especially since I opted out of doing chemo. Also, I may have missed it while going through your older posts, but what form of b.c. where you diagnosed with?

    Congrats on your obviously talented and gifted children. TC