Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrate Courage

Me and my niece (3) becoming friends
I've been gone from home 4 days now. I spent the first half  of my vacation in Las Vegas with my sister and nieces and my mom, attending Women Of Faith, a Christian women's conference and inspirational "high" filled with celebrity speakers and big name recording artsists.  It was fantastic!  Flying out to Las Vegas, I sat next to a couple on the plane, and we talked for 2 hours together. Not once did I ever tell them I was a cancer survivor (I know, shocking isn't it?)  Until......the last 5 minutes of flight when the wife asked me about the ring on my finger. That was when I explained that I was a breast cancer survivor. Maybe I am moving forward? Maybe I am just seeing my life as more than just cancer.  I am so much more than cancer. It's not the first thing I would say about myself anymore.

This morning my mom and I flew to California where I will spend a few days with she and my dad, as well as with my brother and wife and their 3 year old. What a precious gem!  Somehow just a handful of days never seems to be enough to make up for the 25 years of separation I have had living away from my own family.  But I am fortunate to be able to enjoy my sister's airline flight priveledges, and to be my own boss and pack up and leave it all behind for a vacation "away". It's been good.  It's been needed.  While in Las Vegas I sat next to a woman at the conference whom I became friends with. She is my sister's co-worker.  As she told me about her life, she explained that her mother had breast cancer and just finished her treatments. I told  her I was also a survivor.  Right then, I slid my new pink rubber ring off my finger and told her to give it to her mom.  It says "Celebrate Courage" on it. Celebrating Courage - Now THAT's what it is all about!

Nycole wearing the pink ring I gave her to give to her mom.


  1. Thanks for sharing Koryn. Where in CA do your family live? We are thankful to hear about how the Lord continues to work in your life and to know he has answered our prayers for you.
    Grace and peace,
    Brian Shealy

  2. You always have such a welcoming heart. I love you so much, my friend!

  3. This was just the most inspiring blog to read today. I can't wait to reach that point in my life. Thanks to you, I now know it's possible. What a thrill that you have the opportunity to see your family on the opposite coast :) You are a giving person, no doubt! You made ME smile. -Megan-