Friday, September 9, 2011

The war goes on...

The battle of breast cancer continues. It's warriors, younger and younger. Let's never forget that even those who fight war of the traditional kind, also get breast cancer. Click the photo below to learn about Keri, a young, courageous Airman in the Unites States Air Force, fighting this ugly disease. She has the same type of aggressive breast cancer that I had, called her2neu+. There are 4 segments in her web - blog, which is a photo journal essay of a day in the life of cancer - Keri's cancer. 

As October and Breast Cancer Awareness month approach in these next few weeks, awareness will be on every one's minds. And I will use this opportunity to highlight aspects of the disease most people don't consider, such as young single mothers, women under 40, risk factors, disparity in diagnostics and treatment, and the fact that finding the cause(s) is our only hope of finding a cure.

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  1. -K been searching for the cause of my cancer for over 2 years now. The only consensus I can procure is "environmental". That is a systemic problem we are not going to resolve blogging when we have vocal politicos discounting the "human" impact on our environment.

    Hugs, TC