Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The End Of Pink October

October's Breast Cancer Awareness month is behind us now, so I thought I'd share a photo of my pink ribbon shirt from the "behind", the backside! For once, I found a not-so-cheesy pink ribbon shirt I love! This, on my birthday, while shopping with my sister who had come out to visit from Las Vegas. We had loads of shopping and out-to-lunch fun as well as kayaking adventures enjoying Virginia's fall splendor! (See photos below)

This week my doctors are trying to determine the cause of my 3-month-long g.i. issues causing me pain in my right side. We are half way there, now, after having had a nuclear scan of the biliary system yesterday. That is the system whereby the liver creates bile, then sends it along to the gall bladder and then onto the small intestines (as I understand it). Well, what should have only been a 90 minute test watching the radioactive tracer make its way through the system, it was evident that the tracer wasn't moving after the 90 minutes. The radiologist came in, took a look at my 90 minute movie (in about 3 minutes) and then asked me, "Have you been ill"? I gave him a quick run down of what my symptoms have been (achy pain on right side, cramping on left side, nausea, taste of blood, etc. short, I know something isn't right in there) , He explained that we had a problem and that for some reason my liver isn't emptying. He then injected me with a drug that would cause cramping and nausea (gee, thanks for that) so that the duct would be forced open and he could then watch and see what happened next. About another hour and a half later, the tracer had then moved along to the small intestines and they sent me home. I now have an ultrasound scheduled Thursday this week (day after tomorrow) and hopefully that will shed some more light on my insides and lead us to a diagnosis. Thanks for your continued prayers!

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  1. Gee I recognize those two pretty faces!. Still very pretty.. Love the pictures of the trees. I miss the maples and oaks changing colors.. You are in our thoughts and prayers.