Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lost in a maze

I feel like I am wandering in medical never-never land. Don't know where I'm going, don't know if I'll get there, don't know anything. I am have been through scopes, scans, x-rays, radioactive dye, radio waves, and still have no answers to the nagging question as to what could be causing this pain on my side, and daily bouts of nausea. Like running around in a maze, it seems I run into a dead end at every turn. My liver/spleen/gall bladder ultrasound this past week turned up with nothing either. Both my oncologist and my gastroenterologist called me Friday, explaining that they have ruled out all the normal things this could be and are ready to move on to the more abnormal causes. They They, along with my ob/gyn, have recommended a colonoscopy which I am being scheduled for next. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I'm determined to not give up, though some days I sure feel like it! Thankfully, my docs aren't giving up either.


  1. i am so proud of you, Koryn! You continue to persevere, and I trust that things will be explained eventually. Keep going!!

  2. Koryn, Thank you for the update. You are in out thoughts and prayers. When we are alone and confused we are not alone. It is faith we walk forward..

    Blessings, Frank