Thursday, October 27, 2011

All Clear!

All tests are back. D & C benign...mole excision clear margin of a Melanoma in Situ, and bone scan clear. Praise God! So what does it all mean? Why the back pain? Don't know. Why the uterine problems? Could be the ovary. The plan right now is to re scan ovary in December to see if it is a simple functional cyst as shown in pet scan in June. It could actually be the cause of problems and may need to come out but I am not signing up for that just yet. And that pesky mole that grew back? Melanoma In Situ, meaning "in place", in other words, no spread and it is GONE. Well now I have a nice 1 inch incision to thank him for, but he is gone for good this time, we hope! People ask me sometimes about the pain on my right side, and yes, I still have that pain. Daily. I guess I have just gotten use to it and until the pain management clinic opens up closer to home, I am just not interested in traveling to Bethesda for regular treatment when the pain is , well, tolerable. A tolerable daily pain for 18 months can't possibly be anything serious, right? Right now we look forward to our 25th wedding anniversary next month, and a trip to Las Vegas for my nieces wedding where we will enjoy being with my parents, brother and sister and celebrating life and love!

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  1. Fantastic news! I am so happy and relieved for you! God bless you!